Rwanda: WASAC Gives Back to Gihara Women During International Day of Rural Women

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By Sharon Kantengwa


Women give life, are the backbone of families, beacons of strength and great contributors to National development. As they carry out their time-honoured activities, mothers face a number of challenges, one of which is access to clean water for; drinking, washing, cooking, and cleaning, among others. They walk long distances, carry heavy Jerry can store wait for hours on long queues and pay exorbitant prices for water. The work is back-breaking and all-consuming.

To support mothers to overcome these hurdles, the Water and Sanitation Corporation Limited (WASAC LTD), through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, has given back to them during the International day for Rural Women celebrated annually on 15th of October.

WASAC Ltd in collaboration with Kamonyi District and Gihara cell had the pleasure of connecting ten households, providing them access to clean water. The benefiting households were the women-headed families of single mothers selected in collaboration with Gihara cell local leaders.

A WASAC team comprised of the Head of Nyarugenge Branch, Public Relations Specialists, Rural water services engineer, water distribution officers and the Executive of Gihara sector visited families in Rukaragata and selected ten families whose homes were connected with clean water for free on 13th October 2016.

Specita Mukamazimaga, one of the beneficiaries of the initiative testified about how access to clean water has changed their way of living and that of their families.

“We were worried about our children, who this miss would school because they would have to walk a distance to gain access to water. This also included hiking up hill after Hill to get to water.

Thanks to the free water connection, we can now drink clean safe water and live a healthy life and clean our bodies and homes easily. I am glad I am able to access water easily. Sometimes we would fail to bath for lack of water she said.

“It is President Paul Kagame’s wish that all people have access to clean water which is why we thought of the women who play an important role in society. We will continuously provide clean water to the citizens so as to improve their livelihoods,” said James Sano, the Chief Executive Officer of WASAC Ltd says.

He urged the beneficiaries to take good care of the water equipment and called for collective responsibility in ensuring that water is not wasted.

Aimable Udahemuka, the Mayor of Kamonyi District during the event to mark the International Day for Rural Women, noted that access to clean water will change women’s lives.

“Our leaders have citizens at heart and are therefore working towards meeting the needs of rural women, including access to clean safe clean water. Water is life and these women deserve water in their homes.

He promised to continue collaborating with WASAC in ensuring that the citizens have sustainable access to water and urged the beneficiaries to cooperate with WASAC by paying water bills on time and avoid wastage of water.

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