CSR: Leipziger Presides Over SERAS 2017 Judges Committee


Organisers of the sustainability, enterprise and responsibility awards otherwise known as The SERAS CSR Awards Africa have announced a list nine professional sustainability industry leading figures for the 2017 jury panel.

The judges who would serve two-year renewal tenure include Deborah Leipziger, Tunde Arogunmati, Maria Silanpaa, Jonathon Hanks, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Dr. Ini Usoroh, Scott Walker, Indira Kartallozi and Olusegun McMedal.

The committee will be presided over by Deborah Leipziger, author of The Corporate Responsibility Code Book and SA8000: The Definitive Guide to the New Social Standard.

Arogunmati, a specialist in business strategy and former president of the Nigerian- British Association, will sit as the vice President of the panel.

According to Ken Egbas, founder of The SERAS, the quality of the panel bore eloquent testimony to the organisation’s resolve to up the ante, this year.

“We have shown this resolve with the highest grade of personalities on the judges’ committee. We have come this far riding on the credibility of our internal processes. These outstanding professionals with impeccable industry records have spent on the average twenty years each helping to shape the trajectories of global CSR and sustainability as well as best practices. The onus now rests on them to not only decide the organizations who cart home the twenty-five prestigious statuettes, but also help the award top retain its rating not only in Africa but also in the world,” he added.

Out of the 10 brands, five are ICT related with particular interest in retail. This is good because it shows the online retail sector is gaining grounds.