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3 tips to plan a matric getaway for your child



Nothing says celebrations than an escape. Picture: Pexels.

Your child has just received their matric results, and they have done well. While some want a new phone, the cash or something extravagant, others yearn for an escape. A celebratory holiday is a great way to treat your child for their hard work- and it makes for a fun-filled family getaway.

There’s nothing better than toasting champagne in the mountains, or at a seascape. Or even having a celebratory boma dinner while you hear the Big 5 in the distance. Besides, you would probably be the parent of the year when your child hears about the trip.

Here are some tips to plan the trip:

Choose a destination that they like: Remember the trip is about them, so try to choose a location that they would appreciate. Whether it is an island escape to Thailand or Bali or a safari trip to the Kruger National Park, the destination needs to be somewhere the fresh out of school student wants to see.

Make it a surprise: As much as you want to tell your child about the holiday, rather keep it a secret until the day of the trip.  All you do is ask them to pack a suitcase. Drop hints about the destinations to help them figure it out along the way. The mystery can end at the airport (if you are flying) or at a road sign (if you are driving).

Treat them to a few tours and activities: What’s better than a change of scenery? Well, a little exploring never hurt anyone. Treat your child to a few tours and activities- whether it’s a horse ride, sea adventure or even a city tour. The pictures will come in handy for their Gram.

– Clinton Moodley

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Tourism & Travel

2019 destinations to suit South Africans budget




Réunion Island is dubbed as one of this year’s hottest destinations. Picture: Serge Gelabert.


If you are making 2019 the year of travel, then make sure these countries are on your bucket list. Jennifer Morris from Travel Savvy shares the hottest destinations for this year. 


Réunion Island (pictured) offers an island escape like no other. Those who enjoy the balmy beaches of Zanzibar and Mauritius will appreciate the mix of culture, history and beaches of Réunion. A flight from Johannesburg to St Denis is the quickest way to get there. The destination offers much more than just its stunning beaches. Its most iconic landmark is Piton de la Fournaise, a climbable active volcano standing 2632m. Travellers can stroll through its markets, marvel at the Parisian architecture and sample French cuisine in St Denis.

An average seven-night package can start from R16000 (three star) to R27000 (five star).

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina does not disappoint when it comes to colourful and vibrant. The birthplace of football great Maradona, Buenos Aires offers travellers an immersive experience. From learning to tango (there are many clubs and bars at every corner) to marvelling at their street art – visitors will be bowled over immediately. Make sure you add the riverside town of Tigre, famous for its river cruises of the old fruit harbour called the Puerto de Frutos to your itinerary. The city is also known for its theatre. There are more than 300 – and you are bound to find one that sets your soul on fire.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and historical sites. Dubbed as the ‘new Thailand’, Da Nang offers an insight into the French colonial past and the Vietnam war.

Perhaps visit the caves and Buddhist shrines in the Marble Mountains, or take a cable car to the French Village of Ba Na.

Other attractions include Son Tra Peninsula, and the Hai Van pass for motorcycle enthusiasts.  An average 7-night package can start from R16 000 (3-star) to R23 000 (5-star).

An average 7-night package can start from R17500 (three star) to R29000 (five star).

Goa, India

There’s no doubting that Goa is one of India’s gems. A short flight from either Dehli or Mumbai makes this state a perfect stopover. There are many great qualities to Goa. It is famous for its 17th-century churches and beach scene. And there is plenty to do. Travellers can indulge in an array of water sports including surfing, paragliding, motorboating and snorkelling, or see panthers and sloths at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or Mollem National Park. Old Goa is evident of the region’s ancient roots and perfect for those who are curious about the history. As anywhere in India, one has to indulge in their divine food offerings. Among them are Bebinca, a dessert made from ghee and coconut milk. Curry and seafood lovers should try the Crab Xec Xec that is made with fresh crab, coconut, coriander and dry roasted spices or the fish curry rice.

An average 7-night package for Goa can start from R15800 ( three star) to R25000 (five star).

Naples, Italy

One of the countries most interesting cities – and with good reason. Known for its art and architecture that dates back centuries, travellers can indulge in slices of pizza and sfogliatelle, a shell-shaped filled pastry. This southern Italy city, which sits on the Bay of Naples, is synonymous for its rich architecture, churches and history. Make sure you visit National Archaeological Museum, Castel Nuovo, harbour and cathedral. The more adventurous can hire a car or travel by bus to the Amalfi Coast, which is only an hour and a half away. A tour of underground Naples and a train ride to the ruins of Pompeii offers insight into the 2000-year-old Roman history. If time permits, wander into the coastal town of Positano, the perfect detour to Capri by ferry.

An average 7-night package can start from R14500 (three star) to R22000 (five star).


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5 travel tips everyone should follow in 2019




The prospect of travel can be exciting, but it is always good to know a few rules. Picture: Pexels.

The prospect of travel can be exciting. Not only does one get to anticipate the trip months before, but it also makes for a great escape for those yearning a change of scenery for a few days.

Here are a few tips travelers should follow this year:

Take a break when you need it: Travel offers a time for people to relax and unwind. Sadly, many people do not take a break, often putting work and other responsibilities before their health and wellness. A break once a year is good for the soul and will help you discover a new place.

Try not to plan holidays with a full itinerary:  Part of a holiday means ‘me time’. However, many travellers spend more time sightseeing and tours, which leaves little time for rest. When planning a holiday, try to add a few hours to rest, relax and even indulge in a spa treatment.

Join a travel stokvel: The National Association of Stokvels of SA revealed that around 11.5 million people participate in stokvels, Travel stovels have become a new way for travellers to save with a group of family or friends for that all important trip.
Whether its New York on New Year’s Eve, London in the Summer or to see the Northern Lights in Norway, travellers have the cash whenever they want to use it.

Travel within your means: In an age where social media defines the types of places we visit, many travellers get into debt to see those luxury places. Travellers should create a budget to curb their spending habits. There are local and international places that offer gorgeous backdrops, and it does not cost an arm and a leg.

Make local travel a priority: If you are in search of a new place to travel, why not start within your country?  Many travellers are swapping international holidays for local attractions. South Africa is a treasure trove of hidden gems, from its blue flag beaches, wildlife and cuisine.

By: Clinton Moodley

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PICS: kulula passengers toast to the New Year




One of the first passengers. Picture: Supplied. marked 2019 by toasting with passengers in the sky. The airline partnered with Zari Champagne for this memorable kick-off to the new year, giving a hearty shout out to all onboard.

Zari Sparkling Grape, is the new game-changer in the local sparkling wine category in South Africa, providing a 100% undiluted, luxurious and premium sparkling wine for all South Africans to enjoy, because “Local is mos lekker!”

Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing at said popping some bubbles to be festive and celebrate is a long-lasting tradition dating back all the way to the 16th century. “As kulula, we love to celebrate the joy of flying and this time around we wanted to wish all our loyal passengers lots of happy travels with us, as we ring in 2019.

One of the first passengers. Picture: Supplied. rings in the new year with some bubbles on flight MN101. Picture: Supplied.

“We have been the leader in the South African low-cost airline industry for 17-years and in 2019, we look forward to our 18th year in the skies with lots of optimism and cheerfulness, as we soar to greater heights than ever before. With the new year now well underway, we hope that we will provide lots of great travel moments to all our passengers, who get onboard one of our kulula green machines this year. Cheers to all who fly with us,” he said.


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