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Amazon completes its first drone-powered delivery



Amazon’s FAQ page answers a few other questions about its drone delivery system. For starters, drones are only allowed to fly during daylight hours when its sunny — rain, snow or icy conditions will ground them. As for how Amazon’s drones will work in airspaces with other vehicles, the company says it believes drones should operate in a separate airspace where only small unmanned vehicles can operate. Amazon says airspace access should be “determined by capability” — the company envisions the low altitude space it is operating in should be reserved exclusively for drones similar to what it plans to deploy.

With only a couple customers able to receive drone deliveries, we’re still a long way out from this becoming a reality. But just a few years ago some thought CEO Jeff Bezos’ plan was just a joke — but it now appears to be a very real part of Amazon’s plans. The company says that “one day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road.” It’s a big goal, but it’s going to be a lot harder to manage drone deliveries in London than it is in the peaceful pastures of Cambridge.

Source: Amazon

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LG new video campaign shines a light on everyday interactions amongst family



LG Electronics (LG) has announced its new campaign of short videos under the “Life’s Good” brand slogan, titled Get More Care, following the success of previous themes “Get More Love” and “Get More Magic”, aimed at highlighting how LG products enable small gestures of love and care among family members so that they can enjoy true “Life’s Good” moments amidst unforgettable experiences.

Throughout the video series, LG will showcase those sometimes unnoticed loving moments experienced in the home while shining a subtle light on how its products enhance everyday lives through the brand’s innovative technology intricately interwoven into its customers’ everyday lives, by chasing their vicarious football dreams or simply following their favorite teams in 4K clarity.


A key highlight of the campaign is the immersive family viewing experience provided by LG’s groundbreaking OLED screens – such as the LG Signature 97-inch OLED M3 4K Smart TV, offering a portal to new universes. With unparalleled picture quality and vivid colors, and sound refinements of α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6, LG OLED screens transform an otherwise ordinary viewing into an unforgettable experience of resplendent immersion, bringing families closer together.

Additionally, the campaign will showcase the convenience of LG’s WebOS, a smart platform that offers seamless access to a wide range of entertainment options and smart home features. Whether it’s finding the perfect movie or the latest TV shows for family night, explore a vast array of content with built-in streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Apple TV+. LG’s intuitive WebOS interface also means receiving personalized sports updates and tailored content recommendations is as easy as accessing further built-in apps like Music and Sports, making family time entertainment effortless and enjoyable.

The cutting-edge InstaView knock-knock feature is another standout in the campaign, perfect for revealing those sometimes hidden signs of love. This technology, available on LG’s latest refrigerators and ovens, allows users to see inside with a simple knock, making meal preparation more interactive and fun. Families can easily decide what to cook from the fridge or check on the progress of a juicy roast in the oven, all without opening a door.

“We are excited to introduce ‘Get More Care’ as our new brand campaign,” said Mr. Hyoung Sub Ji, Managing Director, LG Electronics West African Operations. “Through these heartwarming short films, we aim to show how our products make everyday moments more special and meaningful. At LG, we believe that technology should enhance the way we care for each other, and this campaign perfectly encapsulates LG’s ‘Life’s Good’ vision.”

LG’s commitment to human-centered innovation and user-centric design is at the forefront of this campaign, demonstrating how the company’s products contribute to a more connected and caring lifestyle. By showcasing the practical benefits and emotional value of LG’s technology, “Get More Care” aims to resonate with families across the region.

The four-episode Get More Care video campaign, which launches in this month of July, showcase fun and touching stories in the home, and ties in effortlessly with LG’s brand direction and visual identity, while maintaining and reiterating the brand’s core values of ‘Uncompromised Customer Experience’, ‘Human-centered Innovation’, and ‘Warmth to Power a Smile’.

To learn more about LG’s campaign, please visit: Get More Care

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Vodacom Tanzania Unveils Winners of its Digital Accelerator Program Season 3



Vodacom Tanzania proudly announces the conclusion of the third season of its Digital Accelerator Program with an exhilarating Demo Day event. The event celebrated the remarkable achievements of the seven finalists who completed the three-month acceleration program in partnership with MassChallenge and Huawei.

This year’s event, held in collaboration with various ventures and accelerators, underscored the growth, scope, and diversity of Tanzanian startups, showcasing the promising future of the country’s tech ecosystem.

This year the telco led accelerator started with 20 startups, and from these, seven finalists emerged: MITz Kits, Afya ya Mnyama, Mkanda Salama, Go Go App, SAB Biomanufacturers, Altitude X, and Makonda Renewable Tech. These finalists embarked on an incredible 3 month journey through workshops, mentorship sessions, and most recently a learning tour in Shenzhen, China, experiencing cutting-edge technology and 5G networks, sparking new ideas and possibilities for Tanzania.


Vodacom Tanzania’s Managing Director, Philip Besiimire, highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating, “Today, we celebrate innovation, hard work, and the bright future of Tanzanian startups. These seven startups have shown that solutions to local challenges lie within our youth, and we are proud to have been a part of their growth. I commend all the finalists and wish them well. The market is ready for your solutions; let’s go make a difference.”

Besiimire emphasized Vodacom Tanzania’s commitment to supporting startups by providing access to local and international industry experts, training, mentorship, partner networks, and M-PESA services. The company believes in creating solutions that are inclusive and accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, ensuring that innovations benefit all members of society whilst addressing the SDGs.

Coupled with international experience from China and pitch rehearsals with US based Mass Challenge, the 7 startups faced the judges and audience in what was a rigorous and exciting pitching session to present their solutions, following which 3 startups Rose Funja founder of AltituteX, Frank Mussa, Afya Lead Co-Founder and Lusekelo Nkuwi from GO GO App emerged as winners.

Frank Mussa, one of the winners and co-founder at Afya Lead, says, “From the beginning of our innovation journey, we faced many challenges, but with determination and the support of VDA mentorship, we built a strong business foundation. I am thrilled to win this award and look forward to implementing what I’ve learned to bring positive change to my community.”

Furthermore, the three winners will have the opportunity to travel to the US in September this year. There, they will meet with mentors and potential investors to advance their startups, gaining valuable insights and support for their ventures.

Eric Rodriguez from MassChallenge, “It has been an honor to partner with Vodacom Tanzania for the Digital Accelerator Program. The dedication and talent of these startups are truly inspiring, and it was a great honor connecting them with both local and international mentors to help guide their journeys. We are excited to see how these entrepreneurs will continue to innovate and drive positive change in their communities.”

Besiimire concluded, “The Tanzanian innovation ecosystem is ripe for growth. This year alone, we received over 200 applications and managed to work with only 20 startups during the design sprint phase and later seven finalists so you can see the hunger out there. I invite other corporates, investors, and ventures to explore the Tanzanian market. There are brilliant minds here that just need a boost. Remember, this is just the beginning. Keep innovating, pushing boundaries, and creating solutions that will shape the future of Tanzania.”

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Esther Kimani Awarded 2024 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation



Esther Kimani’s winning invention is an advanced early detection system, designed to detect crop pests and diseases swiftly, which can reduce crop losses by up to 30% and increase yields by as much as 40%

Esther Kimani, a 2022 YouthADAPT winner, received the prestigious 2024 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation from the Royal Academy of Engineering on June 13 in Nairobi, Kenya. YouthADAPT is sponsored by the African Development Bank and the Global Center on Adaptation under the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP)

Innovative Solution for Smallholder Farmers

Kimani’s winning invention is an advanced early detection system, designed to detect crop pests and diseases swiftly, which can reduce crop losses by up to 30% and increase yields by as much as 40%. This device is a transformative solution for smallholder farmers in Kenya, who typically lose about 33% of their crops to pests and disease.


Solar-powered, the device employs cutting-edge computer vision algorithms and machine learning to identify crop pests and diseases. It provides real-time alerts within seconds of detection and offers customised intervention advice using SMS. It also notifies government agricultural officers to engage in broader pest and disease management strategies. The device costs only $3 per month to lease, an affordable alternative to more traditional, expensive methods like drone surveillance or manual inspections.

About the Africa Prize

Established in 2014 by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation supports scalable and sustainable engineering solutions to African challenges. After a decade, the Prize alumni now comprise nearly 150 entrepreneurs from 23 countries. These innovators have created over 28,000 jobs and impacted more than 10 million people across the continent.

In celebration of the Prize’s 10th anniversary, the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted an Alumni Reunion, bringing together 100 past winners and finalists for a special three-day event, underscoring the strength and unity of this community.

Esther Kimani’s Vision

Esther Kimani provided some personal background to explain her innovation. “Growing up, my parents would lose up to 40% of their crops each season, deeply affecting our living standards. Our goal is to empower smallholder farmers, particularly women, to increase their income. We aim to reach one million farmers in the next five years.”

Kimani was awarded £50,000 to further develop her innovation, marking the largest prize amount in the history of the Africa Prize in honour of its 10th anniversary. During the event, finalists presented their business pitches to an audience of around 700 people.

Other Awardees

Three runners-up received £15,000 each:

  • Eco Tiles by Kevin Maina (Kenya): A roofing material made from recycled plastic, addressing both plastic pollution and high construction costs.
  • La Ruche Health by Rory Assandey (Côte d’Ivoire): An AI chatbot, “Kiko,” provides essential health information and services alongside a digital backend solution for healthcare providers.
  • Yo-Waste by Martin Tumusiime (Uganda): A mobile app connecting households and businesses to independent waste collection agents for efficient waste management.

Dr Abubakari Zarouk Imoro received the ‘One to Watch’ award, which was voted on by live and online audiences. This award recognises the profound impact of his innovation on waste and biomass valorisation in local communities. Established in 2024 to honour the late Martin Bruce, a Ghanaian alumnus of the Africa Prize, the award comes with a £5,000 prize.

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