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Canon Collaborates with Kidzania Cairo to launch Canon Photography Studio in Egypt



Canon Central and North Africa is thrilled to announce its partnership with KidZania Cairo, to introduce a Canon Photography Studio at KidZania in Cairo, Egypt. The new innovative space is designed to provide children from 8-14 years of age with a unique opportunity to explore the world of photography, learn about Canon’s cutting-edge technology, and unleash their creativity in a fun and interactive environment.

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is set to become a captivating and creative play space where children can engage in a variety of activities related to photography. The aim is to create an immersive experience that not only entertains but also educates and empowers young minds while igniting their creativity.


“We are delighted to embark on this exciting collaboration with KidZania Cairo. Canon has always been committed to inspiring creativity and nurturing a passion for technology and innovation. The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is more than a play space; it’s a gateway for children to explore the captivating world of photography, learn about leading-edge technology, and, most importantly, have fun while doing so. The indoor city built to scale for kids, is an innovative and educational concept where children can engage in various role-playing activities and simulate real-world jobs and professions. We believe in the power of education through experience, and this collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the next generation of photographers,” says Amine Djouahra, B2C Business Unit Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

Building upon the success of the Canon Academy Juniors programme, the studio at KidZania Cairo adopts a similar educational empowerment approach tailored to children’s unique scale, level, and language comprehension. Much like the aforementioned initiatives, the studio at KidZania Cairo aspires to instill valuable knowledge and empower young minds in a way that resonates with the dynamic and creative world of children.

For many years, Canon has been committed to empowering young people and providing them with tools and opportunities for personal and educational growth. Initiatives like this with KidZania Cairo play a vital role in enabling young people, providing them with opportunities for skills development and access to education, and fostering personal growth.

“The collaboration between KidZania Cairo and Canon marks a significant stride towards enriching educational experiences for children. By integrating Canon’s expertise in photography with KidZania’s immersive learning environment, we are poised to provide a unique platform for young minds to explore the realms of creativity and technology. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation of photographers and creators, equipping them with valuable skills and insights that will shape their future endeavours,” says Ahmed Ibrahim Habib, CEO for KidZania Cairo. 

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo will feature a diverse range of activities. Children will also learn the art of composing a visually appealing photograph. Through interactive games and activities, they will understand the importance of angles, lighting, and framing.

Additionally, they will get hands-on experience with Canon’s latest technology. After capturing memorable moments, they will have the chance to bring their creations to life by using a Canon printer to print their photographs. Canon and KidZania Cairo are committed to providing children with a unique and enriching experience. 

Equipped with newfound experience in camera operation, lens variation, and the intricacies of capturing and printing images, children will emerge with a well-rounded skill set that transcends the fundamentals of basic photography. By combining play and learning, the Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo aims to leave a lasting impression on young minds, inspiring the future generation of photographers.


LG K-POP Fiesta (Season 1) Grand Finale Delivers Thrills, Spill, and Big Wins



The LG K-POP Grand Finale concluded with a flourish, igniting the stage with electrifying performances, jaw-dropping special effects, and the immense talent of the winners. The highly anticipated event, brought to you by LG Electronics, saw some of the biggest names in K-POP compete fervently for the ultimate prize. The energy inside the venue was palpable as an enthusiastic audience cheered on their favorite groups during this unforgettable grand finale.

The competition, held today, showcased a stellar lineup of 80 incredibly talented performers since April who left no stone unturned in their pursuit of glory. This unique event marked a milestone starting from Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt where the hearts and souls of the passionate youths went into giving so much to display their innate talents. For LG Electronics, combining the love for cutting-edge technology with the immense popularity of K-POP music was the main gain. The journey culminated in the semi-finals held in these cities, where 18 exceptionally talented teams earned their place in the grand finale.


‘femmeforce’, 1st runner-up in the dance category of the lg k- pop 2024 grand finale held at eko hotel and suites, victoria island, Lagos, today.

‘movematics’, 2nd runner-up in the dance category of the lg k- pop 2024 grand finale held at eko hotel and suites, victoria island, lagos

Expressing his delight at the grand success of the event, the Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Hyoung Sub Ji, “The LG K-POP Fiesta 2024 is a celebration of not only incredibly talented K-POP enthusiasts but also the rich tapestry of global culture. Building on our brand identity, which transcends generations, we would like to develop deeper relations with Gen Z by making their lives better through innovative products like LG XBOOM for immersive sound experiences and meaningful integrated marketing campaigns. With K-POP, we bring them a great multi-dimensional platform that combines the best of audio-visual entertainment and power-packed performances.”

“We are immensely proud to have brought this exhilarating event to life. It was an incredible showcase of talent, passion, and the harmonious blending of innovation and entertainment. LG Electronics remains committed to supporting the K-POP culture and nurturing the talents of tomorrow, most especially our ability to bring to life the bond between Korea and Nigeria.” He added.

L-r: mr. Hyoung sub ji, managing director, lg electronics west africa, hassan fouani, head of marketing, fouani, presenting the cheque to ohwodiasa omamuyovwi ” mamus” 1st prize winner in the music category of the lg k- pop 2024 grand finale held at eko hotel and suites, victoria island, lagos.

Twelve million naira was awarded to the winners – three million naira apiece for placing first in singing and dance. The first and second runners-up in each category received two and one million naira, respectively.

‘Mamus’ of Port Harcourt won first place in the vocal category, while the dance category was won by the group ‘Limitless Supreme 6’ from Port Harcourt. The finalists in the dance category included ‘Femmeforce’ from Lagos, 1st runner up, and ‘Movematics’ from Lagos 2nd runner up.  “In the vocal category, the 1st runner and 2nd runner up included ‘Kcee’ from Port Harcourt and  ‘Shammah’ from Port Harcourt.

In his remark, Mr. Hari Elluru, Head of Corporate Marketing said, “We are grateful to the youth & Gen Z for making the event a grand success. Through our recent global campaign of Life’s Good, we are encouraging customers to have a positive outlook on life & music certainly plays a significant role in uplifting the human spirit. We are deeply grateful for the tremendous interest and love shown by all the participants in the K-POP contest and the enthusiastic audience who attended. K-POP has transcended boundaries, becoming a powerful means of cultural exchange not only within Korea but also with people around the world. We aspire to offer dreams and hope to the youth of Nigeria through the magic of K-POP.

‘kcee’, 1st runner-up in the music category of the lg k- pop 2024 grand finale held at eko hotel and suites, victoria island, lagos

shammah’, 2nd runner-up in the music category of the lg k- pop 2024 grand finale held at eko hotel and suites, victoria island, lagos

The event was seamlessly hosted by V J Adams, an emcee with extensive experience, and was graced by the esteemed presence of Nollywood actors Ruth Kadiri and Susan Peters and judging by Nigerian singer and songwriter Ric Hassani and renowned award-winning dancer Kaffy.

The LG K-POP will forever remain etched in the memories of those present, as a testament to the boundless creativity, talent, and technological excellence that LG Electronics consistently delivers.

All the performances were met with thunderous applause and praise from the judges, solidifying their position as one of the most talented and popular K-POP artists right now.

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Afreximbank Reconstitutes CANEX Creative Africa Advisory Group



Afreximbank has announced the reconstitution of the Creative Africa Advisory Group (CAAG). This group oversees and provides guidance for implementing the Bank’s Creative Africa Nexus Programme.

The first meeting of the reconstituted Advisory Group took place at the Waldorf Astoria, Heliopolis, in Cairo on 9 July 2024. Co-chaired by H.E Amb. Minata Samate Cessouma, Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development of the African Union Commission, and Senator Mr.Ben Murray-Bruce, Founder of Silverbird Group, Nigeria, the CAAG is tasked with guiding Afreximbank’s strategy to support the growth of creative and cultural industries in Africa and its diaspora. Each member will serve a two-year term.

During the meeting, the CAAG was updated on the overall implementation of the CANEX Programme and particularly on the preparations for the upcoming CANEX Weekend in Algeria. Members were also briefed on the status of the CANEX Africa Digital Platform and the establishment of CANEX Creations Incorporated, the Bank’s intellectual property investment vehicle. Amongst the recommendations shared by CAAG members was to establish a finance subcommittee to ensure optimal disbursement of the Bank’s financing facilities and funding, and continued outreach on our financial products to creatives.


Co-Chair H.E Amb. Minata Cessouma-Samate commented: “The Bank has been instrumental in helping the AU’s Culture and Sports Programme deliver initiatives aligned with our long-term development objective – The Africa We Want Agenda 2063, and the Revised AU Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries, 2023. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Creative Africa Advisory Group and galvanizing opportunities between the Bank and the Commission leading to conducive policies and regulatory environment for Africa’s creative and cultural economies.”

Co-chair Senator Ben Murray-Bruce emphasized the crucial role of the Bank in supporting creative ventures through innovation. He stated: “Some of the biggest artists in the world today are Africans and we must be innovative so that channeling money to the continent ceases being an enigma.”

Dr. Gainmore Zanamwe, Acting Director, Trade Facilitation & IATF – Intra-African Trade Bank, spoke on behalf of Mrs. Kanayo Awani, Executive Vice President, Intra-African Trade and Export Development.  He expressed the Bank’s deep appreciation for the contributions of the members of the first cohort of the CAAG.

“Reconstituting the Creative Africa Advisory Group marks a significant milestone in our journey to elevate Africa’s creative and cultural industries to new heights. The contributions of the first CAAG cohort have been invaluable in bringing us to this point. As we move forward, I am confident that the reconstituted CAAG will build on their legacy, driving innovation, fostering investment, intra-African trade and export development, and enhancing cultural expression across the continent. Together, we will continue to support and empower Africa’s creative talents, in the context of a Global Africa, ensuring their rightful place on the global stage.”

Other members of the reconstituted CAAG are: Alex Okosi, Managing Director, Google Africa; Vincent Berry II, Singer, Songwriter and Producer; Didier Drogba, renowned African footballer and President, Didier Drogba Foundation; Omar Ben Yedder, Group Publisher and Managing Director, IC Publications; Azza Fahmy, Founder, Azza Fahmy Designs; Oscar ‘Oskido’ Mdlongwa, Recording Artist and Record Producer, Legend Live; Olasupo Olusi, Managing Director and CEO, Bank of Industry; Kibonen Nfi, CEO, Cameroon Clothing; Mamou Daffe, President, African Culture Fund; Hana El-Beblawy, Founder, ARD Art Institution; Orlando Romain, OECS Advisor on the Creative Economy; George Gachara, Founding Partner, The Heva Fund; and H.E. Hannatu Musawa, Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy of Nigeria.

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Canon and Greenwood House School Partner to Spark Interest in Photography



The Canon Academy Juniors programme believes in teaching our youth to empower them and give them confidence by fostering a new hobby and developing their creative skills; The programme, offers two classes tailored to different age groups (8-12 and 13-16) which provide kids and teens with hands-on photography skills.

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Greenwood House School in Lagos, Nigeria, through it’s Canon Academy Juniors Programme. This collaborative initiative aims to inspire and empower young learners by igniting their passion for photography through engaging and interactive sessions led by certified Canon trainers.


Rashad Ghani, B2C Business Unit Director at Canon Central and North Africa shared his excitement regarding the collaboration, remarking, “Our partnership with Greenwood House School through the Canon Academy Juniors Programmes is a testament to our commitment to nurturing creativity and talent. These workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to discover a new hobby, develop their creative skills, and forge a lifelong love for photography. 

“This collaboration aligns seamlessly with both organisations’ missions to provide quality education to individuals and develop creative skills. We are confident that these workshops will equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to unlock their creative potential to further explore the photography field.”  

What makes this collaboration truly unique is the direct hosting of two photography workshops on the premises of Greenwood House School. This approach facilitates seamless integration of the programme into the school environment, promoting a collaborative learning experience.  

Rashad adds further, “Education plays a vital role in fulfilling Canon’s values of creating a strong, knowledgeable, and inspired community where there is a shared passion for photography, videography, and printing. Our approach to education on the African continent aligns with Canon’s corporate philosophy, Kyosei, which is a Japanese concept meaning, living and working together for the common good. Through our educational programmes we bring to life our commitment to sustainability, how we work together, and our desire to create an environment for everyone to thrive and grow.” 

The workshops were specifically tailored for two distinct age groups: 8-12 years old and 13-16 years old, ensuring that the content is age-appropriate and fitting for all participants. Each cycle of the programme consisted of four sessions which spanned from May 4th to May 25th and from June 1st to June 22nd.

The young participants engaged in practical training sessions and learnt important skills such as how the camera works, and basic camera modes, while gaining confidence to take photos. They also learnt about framing, landscape, portraits, visual storytelling, and much more. It was an excellent opportunity for the participants to explore a new creative hobby and gain valuable skills that could help them in the future.  

The culmination of the workshops will be celebrated through a captivating photo exhibition at the school, where the best works of the participating students will be showcased, highlighting their creativity and achievements.  

Mr. R. Cilliers, Principal, Greenwood House School: “We are ecstatic to join hands with Canon in introducing the Canon Academy Juniors Programme at the school. This partnership promises an exhilarating journey for our learners, offering them an enriching experience in the world of photography. We are eager to witness the transformative impact that this experience will have on their confidence, creativity, and passion for photography.” 

Greenwood House School, situated in Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, is recognized for its commitment to excellence in primary education. Catering to children aged 3 months to 10 years old, it offers classes from Creche to Primary, embracing diversity of cultural and religious backgrounds. Its dedication to quality education has garnered respect within Nigeria’s educational landscape.


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