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Canon Collaborates with Kidzania Cairo to launch Canon Photography Studio in Egypt



Canon Central and North Africa is thrilled to announce its partnership with KidZania Cairo, to introduce a Canon Photography Studio at KidZania in Cairo, Egypt. The new innovative space is designed to provide children from 8-14 years of age with a unique opportunity to explore the world of photography, learn about Canon’s cutting-edge technology, and unleash their creativity in a fun and interactive environment.

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is set to become a captivating and creative play space where children can engage in a variety of activities related to photography. The aim is to create an immersive experience that not only entertains but also educates and empowers young minds while igniting their creativity.


“We are delighted to embark on this exciting collaboration with KidZania Cairo. Canon has always been committed to inspiring creativity and nurturing a passion for technology and innovation. The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo is more than a play space; it’s a gateway for children to explore the captivating world of photography, learn about leading-edge technology, and, most importantly, have fun while doing so. The indoor city built to scale for kids, is an innovative and educational concept where children can engage in various role-playing activities and simulate real-world jobs and professions. We believe in the power of education through experience, and this collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to empower the next generation of photographers,” says Amine Djouahra, B2C Business Unit Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

Building upon the success of the Canon Academy Juniors programme, the studio at KidZania Cairo adopts a similar educational empowerment approach tailored to children’s unique scale, level, and language comprehension. Much like the aforementioned initiatives, the studio at KidZania Cairo aspires to instill valuable knowledge and empower young minds in a way that resonates with the dynamic and creative world of children.

For many years, Canon has been committed to empowering young people and providing them with tools and opportunities for personal and educational growth. Initiatives like this with KidZania Cairo play a vital role in enabling young people, providing them with opportunities for skills development and access to education, and fostering personal growth.

“The collaboration between KidZania Cairo and Canon marks a significant stride towards enriching educational experiences for children. By integrating Canon’s expertise in photography with KidZania’s immersive learning environment, we are poised to provide a unique platform for young minds to explore the realms of creativity and technology. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation of photographers and creators, equipping them with valuable skills and insights that will shape their future endeavours,” says Ahmed Ibrahim Habib, CEO for KidZania Cairo. 

The Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo will feature a diverse range of activities. Children will also learn the art of composing a visually appealing photograph. Through interactive games and activities, they will understand the importance of angles, lighting, and framing.

Additionally, they will get hands-on experience with Canon’s latest technology. After capturing memorable moments, they will have the chance to bring their creations to life by using a Canon printer to print their photographs. Canon and KidZania Cairo are committed to providing children with a unique and enriching experience. 

Equipped with newfound experience in camera operation, lens variation, and the intricacies of capturing and printing images, children will emerge with a well-rounded skill set that transcends the fundamentals of basic photography. By combining play and learning, the Canon Photography Studio at KidZania Cairo aims to leave a lasting impression on young minds, inspiring the future generation of photographers.

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NBA Africa and Africell unveil Indoor Basketball Court in Angola



NBA Africa and Africell, one of the fastest-growing mobile network operators in Africa, today unveiled an indoor basketball court at 1˚ de Maio at Av. Deolinda Rodrigues in Luanda, Angola as part of their multi-year collaboration to use basketball to benefit Angolan youth.  The new court, donated to and operated by the city of Luanda, will provide a safe space where members of the local community can play basketball year-round and host Jr. NBA events and programming in the future.

The court was unveiled by Africell Angola CEO Jorge Vazquez and NBA Africa CEO Clare Akamanzi.  They were joined by Angolan NBA Academy Africa prospect Aginaldo Neto, who is signed to Petro de Luanda for the 2024 Basketball Africa League (BAL) season as part of the BAL Elevate program, and who previously participated in the Jr. NBA program in Angola.  Following the ceremony, the court hosted two exhibition games featuring men’s and women’s teams from the local community.


“By making basketball more accessible to young Angolans, the partnership between Africell and NBA Africa is having a big impact,” said Africell Angola CEO Jorge Vazquez.  “Basketball is an important part of Angolan popular culture, and this new facility brings it into the reach of more potential players.”

“This beautiful new court speaks to Angola’s rich basketball tradition and further builds on our youth development efforts across the continent,” said NBA CEO Clare Akamanzi.  “Thanks to the support of Africell, more boys and girls in Luanda will be able to learn and play the game in a safe environment year-round.”

In addition to the court unveiling and exhibition games, last week, NBA Africa and Africell held a Jr. NBA clinic in Lubango for 250 boys and girls ages 18 and under.  Last year, NBA and Africell held Jr. NBA clinics, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, as well as a Her Time to Play basketball clinic and leadership workshop for 200 girls ages 16 and under and 20 female basketball coaches.

The new court also builds on NBA Africa’s previous initiatives in Angola, including hosting Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Africa in Luanda in 2016 and a Jr. NBA league in Luanda in 2017 and 2018.  BWB, the NBA and FIBA’s global basketball development and community outreach program, has reached nearly 100 Angolan boys and girls since its launch in Africa in 2003. 

Angola’s Petro de Luanda is representing the country in the 2024 BAL season for the fourth consecutive time.

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Amanda Uzoagba joins Mdundo as the new Head of Licensing, West Africa



Amanda Uzoagba (Image supplied)

Mdundo, a prominent music streaming platform that has experienced significant growth in recent years, has expanded its team to include renowned entertainment lawyer Amanda Uzoagba as the Head of Licensing for West Africa. With a current workforce of 40 full-time staff spread across Africa, Mdundo continues to strengthen its position in the industry. 

In her new role, Amanda Uzoagba will take charge of the team handling licensing operations in Ghana and Nigeria, overseeing the acquisition and retention of content from artists, music labels, publishers, and rights societies. With her extensive experience, Mdundo aims to elevate its licensing operations to new heights, fostering a sustainable and equitable environment for music creators. 

With the strengthening of its licensing team, Mdundo is placing its focus on five African countries and has set an ambitious goal of reaching 50,000,000 users by June 2025. Mdundo prides itself on offering millions of songs from both Africa and abroad, available for free download and streaming. 


Mdundo generates revenue for its platform through advertising sales and telco-bundle subscriptions paid by end-consumers. Users can access a wide range of music content, including the latest releases, DJ mixes, playlists, podcasts, and music news, directly from the Mdundo website ( and the Android app. The collaboration between Amanda Uzoagba and Mdundo signifies a promising alliance, bringing forth a new era of premium transparency and sustainable compensation for African music creatives and the industry at large. 

With over eight years of experience in the entertainment industry, Amanda Uzoagba’s addition further solidifies Mdundo’s position in the market. Her extensive background in film, music, dance, and media production and management, along with her collaborations with notable entities like Netflix, Empire, Dream Empire Music, and Sony Pictures, make her the ideal professional to join the Mdundo team. 

This appointment propels Mdundo forward in fulfilling its mission to provide revenue splits to rights owners on all recordings generated. It is worth noting that Mdundo conducted an IPO in September 2020 and is now listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Markets in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Anita Oguni’s Loss Is Gain



Anita Oguni is a poet and passionate writer who believes in the pure magic and power of storytelling. She published a novella – Our Father is Dead in 2018 and works as a Communications expert in the Finance Industry. Anita is also very keen on the study of human behaviour and its impact on society as a whole. She thrives on ‘a poem a day, keeps the pain away’. In this publication, Business Africa Online (BAO) shares Anita Oguni’s Loss Is Gain, Purity and Chocolate Mouth.



I hate – really hate the way those words bounce off your oval

shaped mouth

Cruel. Sharp. Sharp.

They slice through me so deep. I feel it in my heart and then I



At least you look at me

Talk to me so I love it

I choose to love it

I can’t stand the way everything about me is filled with everything

about you

Finding myself

Groping my way

Sadly still reaching for you – your hands

Coarse. Cold. Cold.

Breathing your own air and then losing me over and over again


At least I feel you

You let me feel you so I love it

I choose to love it

I hate the way the claws of your love hold me down, determined

to suffocate me

I hate the way you take




Take and take

Leaving me with less or maybe even nothing

Loss is the only gain in loving you



You’re beauty in its purest form

masked by the ugliness of this world

but you are beautiful and pure

There’s constant bloom on your face and an incomparable grace in your walk

You are beautiful and then you are pure.

I pray that every morning you wake with this on your mind.



I like how your chocolate mouth houses goosebumps 

then spreads them on my silky skin

I like how you taste like wine yet as refreshing as cold water

I like how you strip me naked with your eyes

and still make me giddy with confidence

I like how you fill me up but leave me wanting more

your chocolate mouth

your chocolate mouth

I like your chocolate mouth on my skin.



Look how the seat is overlooked                                                                                                                   

casually underrated

yet a leveler that hides insecurities                                                             

planted in-between height disparities                                            

an undying support to aching legs.                                                   

Look how the seat is overlooked                                                      

with hinges that are hardly ever oiled

yet still makes room for your ungrateful butt.                                                    

Look how the seat is overlooked

I must look like a seat to you.


Anita Oguni’s Socials Instagram @_nkinnama_ Twitter: @nkinnama_ LinkedIn: Anita Oguni

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