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9 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are Different | Amira Kamel



“Think like an entrepreneur.”

You’ve probably come across this sentence before, and maybe heard people relating it to successful business leaders like Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others.

Entrepreneurship has become a new business skill that people are striving to learn. So, let’s get closer to the “Entrepreneur” world.

“Entrepreneur” Origin, Meaning, and Pronunciation

“Entrepreneur” is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say, and it originates from a French verb “entreprendre”, meaning “to do something” or “to undertake”.

The noun form “entrepreneur” refers to someone who undertakes a business venture.

Since it’s a French word, it has a special pronunciation that a considerable number of people are not following. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word “Entrepreneur” is pronounced as follows:

I’ve been thinking lately regarding what best describes entrepreneurs and their way of thinking, and I finally came up with my own acronym of the word “entrepreneur”, which is:

ENTREPRENEUR = Enterprising Native Trailblazer Resolving Endless Problems Resilient Empowered Noble Engaged Unique Risk-taker

Let’s get closer to each word included in my acronym to understand how really an entrepreneur thinks.

Entrepreneur Acronym: 9 Reasons why entrepreneurs are different

1. Enterprising

Entrepreneurs are enterprising persons who see the problems, and strive for the solutions. They are passionate, energetic, creative, innovative, courageous, self-confident, determined, and committed leaders. They are excellent communicators and understand how to effectively use their networks.

2. Native Trailblazer

Similar to a native speaker, a native trailblazer is the first original innovator who came up with an idea.

Entrepreneurs are pioneers. They always come up with new ideas and innovative solutions.

3. Resolving Endless Problems

There are endless problems in our world, and entrepreneurs master the art of problem solving. They identify and analyze the problems, then focus on the solutions.

4. Resilient

Entrepreneurs face big challenges similar to fundraising, teambuilding, being visionary, adapting to changes, risk-management, decision-making, and others.

Unless they are resilient and totally aware of change management, they will never overcome obstacles or recover from sudden changes, and their ideas will never see the light.

5. Empowered

An empowered person is someone who has this power of identifying their strengths and aren’t afraid to embrace them.

Entrepreneurs are empowered since they are in control of their life, aware of their capabilities, and ready to take real steps towards fulfilling their dreams. They are driven by the power of passion and purpose.

6. Noble

Entrepreneurs have noble reasons to start their businesses. They want a better world for them and for other people around. They care to solve problems, and dare to present their ideas, taking steps towards solutions.

7. Engaged

That’s what entrepreneurs continuously do. They are completely absorbed and engaged in learning and performing heavy-duty tasks from the idea stage to the launch stage.

8. Unique

Entrepreneurs have unique mentalities. They think and act differently, believing in themselves, driven by passion and purpose, accepting challenges, learning from mistakes, not easily giving up, working hard, striving for change, communicating and presenting effectively.

9. Risk-taker

Entrepreneurs dare to take risks. They work out of their comfort zones. Some of them quitted their very stable jobs to start their own businesses. Further risks are trusting partners and teams, sacrificing cash, vacations and health, overestimating the market demand, and many others.

Next time you hear “Think like an entrepreneur”, remember my humble acronym and the 9 reasons.

Respect to all entrepreneurs striving to see a better tomorrow.

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Amira Kamel

Business Mentor, FasterCapital


Theo Baloyi on building a sneaker brand for Africans



Theo Baloyi, Founder of Bathu (Image: Supplied).

This entrepreneur created a 100% African shoe brand to wage war on Nike and Adidas. His name is Theo Baloyi, and he is a South African entrepreneur. Judging the market shares of the shoe giants too high in Africa, he decided to leave an important position at PWC in Dubai to launch Bathu Sneakers. 

After months of feasibility studies, and being rejected by 13 different shoe factories – Theo Baloyi’s perseverance pays off and the Mesh Edition Sneaker is born. Bathu, which means shoes in townships across South Africa, is a sneaker brand launched in 2015, in a local township (Alexandra), whose colors and patterns are inspired by Africa. Bathu bought its first delivery vehicle and opened its first physical store in Newtown Junction Mall in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


Part of Theo Baloyi’s pillars for Bathu from the start was to create 100 meaningful jobs. In 2020 this was achieved. The brand has been a dazzling success, with more than thirty stores now in South Africa, and numerous distinctions.  It has now grown exponentially over the years, with 32 stores nationwide and a staff complement of over 300 employees, who are predominantly youth. 

The Bathu story is more than just a story of sneakers. It’s a story of owning your destiny, staying true to who you are, persevering, following your dreams and doing something you are passionate about. It’s a story of walking your journey. The brand is more than just a sneaker business but a beacon of hope that each person has valid and attainable dreams regardless of background and unfavourable personal circumstances.

The Bathu tagline, “Walk your Journey”, is centered around its mission statement of reigniting hope and creating sustainable employment. We believe everyone is on a journey; ours is to equip, ignite and enable that journey.

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Ideas Origin Media: Unearthing Innovation and Transforming Brands With Disruptive Creativity



Ideas Origin Media CEO, Israel Obatunde (Image: Supplied).

Ideas Origin Media is a creative powerhouse disrupting the advertising industry since its inception in 2022. Led by the creative juggernaut, Israel Obatunde, the Originals as they are popularly called, are making strong waves in providing solutions for people and businesses who need unique strategies and creative innovation that can help their brands break through clutter in their industries.

In today’s competitive business landscape, brands are constantly seeking inventive ways to engage their target audience without breaking the bank. Against this backdrop, creative agencies with unique strategies are bending the rules and changing the game. One agency that stands out from the lot is Ideas Origin Media, a trailblazer reshaping brand narratives and consumer connections.

Driven by a profound comprehension of consumer dynamics, Ideas Origin Media’s strategic framework rests upon meticulously gathered insights. At its core, the agency champions originality, data-driven creativity, and innovative storytelling, catalyzing brand visibility and resonance in an interconnected world.

Israel Obatunde, the visionary CEO of Ideas Origin Media, believes the agency’s operational ethos is emphasizing a culture of risk-taking and collaboration. By prioritizing client-centric strategies and ongoing skill development, the agency ensures tailored and impactful creative solutions that transcend traditional advertising norms.


Central to its organizational ethics is the acronym CANVAS: Creativity, Ambition, Novelty, Versatility, Accountability, and Support. Elizabeth Adesina, the Business Director, underscores these values as guiding principles, driving the agency’s mission to effect meaningful change in the industry. Shedding more light on this, she added that Adaptability and flexibility form the bedrock of Ideas Origin Media’s competitive edge. 

Recognizing and swiftly addressing operational inefficiencies such as bureaucracy and accountability gaps, the agency has fostered a culture of transparency and nimbleness within the agency, ensuring prompt, top-tier deliverables. 

To remain relevant amidst evolving consumer trends and technological disruptions, Ideas Origin Media prioritizes continual evolution. And by harnessing cutting-edge technologies, embracing industry trends, and championing originality, the agency sustains its innovative edge. 

The agency’s Creative Director, Segun Ayinla highlights the agency’s commitment to crafting culturally resonant campaigns that connect with diverse audiences. He elaborated further that by leveraging Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, Ideas Origin Media delivers authentic narratives that captivate and inspire.

With a portfolio boasting impactful campaigns like the 2024 DStv-AFCON and Jack Daniel’s Jack and The Beat campaign where the brand partnered with Hilda Baci, Ideas Origin Media continues to consistently push creative boundaries and deliver unparalleled brand experiences. Its recent expansion into the United Kingdom also signifies a bold stride towards global competitiveness, underlining the agency’s commitment to excellence and innovation. 

The CEO, Israel Obatunde has re-affirmed the agency’s ambitious growth trajectory, with plans for further expansion across Africa and beyond. Built to stand the test of time, each campaign undertaken by Ideas Origin Media is not just noteworthy but a glowing testimonial to the agency’s unwavering dedication to transformative creativity and unparalleled impact. 

As Ideas Origin Media charts new territories and cultivates strategic alliances, its journey unfolds with promise and potential, poised to redefine the contours of brand communication in Africa and beyond.

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WaxPrint Media and AfricaNXT Unlocking Growth for African Founders at NY Tech Week



WaxPrint Media partnered with AfricaNXT to present #dmaAfrica (Download My App), an interactive platform for African founders to foster meaningful connections with potential customers and investors. The program was held at Linkedin Social Impact HQ at the Empire State Building in Manhattan, NYC.

Each of the 5 startup founders engaged groups in 2 rounds of flash focus group sessions where attendees downloaded the apps or engaged the website for onboarding and provided feedback in real time. Following the focus groups, the founders pitched their early stage startups to a panel of investors/experts which included:

The featured founders represented diverse startups focused on tourism, sustainability, networking, and cultural experiences:

  • Isaac Otoo, founder of MigranX, the cultural copilot connecting immigrants and international students with authentic cultural experiences
  • Cavaughn J. Noel, MBA founder of daap, “Connect better”
  • Ibukunoluwa Adebayo, co-founder of, an All-in-One App focused on Utility bills payment and Solar Sales, Maintenance and Management
  • Marwh Nabil, co-founder of Easy Meets, a marketplace that simplifies planning hangouts & trips for groups or individuals and provides businesses with valuable information about potential customers.
  • Yoma Onosemuode, founder of Travelbay, the best way to plan, curate, book and experience travel across Africa.

“I have worked with African tech startups and founders over the past 10 years and have a deep understanding of their needs to achieve growth. A viable product and a community of loyal ambassadors can determine their capacity to scale and we sought to create that bridge for these founders with a focus on Africa during NY Tech Week,” shared Muhammida El Muhajir, #dmaAfrica co-host and Director of Strategy at WaxPrint Media, a boutique digital/communications agency with clients in over 22 countries.

#dmaAfrica co-hosts: WaxPrint Media Director of Strategy , Muhammida El Muhajir and Ngozi Odita, founder of AfricaNXT

NY Tech Week is an “unconference”,  an unbranded week of events sponsored by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm and  hosted by various members of the tech community all under the umbrella of “Tech Week.” NY Tech Week was an opportunity to showcase what makes the New York tech community special, meet people from across venture and startups, and learn from the best founders and companies.


“The #dmaAfrica  event was an extension of our mission at AfricaNXT where we serve a global community eager to connect to Africa through diverse programming, immersive experiences, high-level conversations, and game-changing connections. We were thrilled to collaborate with Linkedin to support us in making an impact for these innovations from the African tech community in NYC,” added Ngozi Odita,  founder of AfricaNXT one of Nigeria’s leading innovation conferences.

The program closed with panelists iterating on each startup and answering the question “Will you download my app?”.

“Participating in #dmaAfrica was one of the best event experiences I have had as a founder. It was unlike any other and allowed me to intimately exchange with users and investors, share my story and see how they experience my web app. It forced me to go deeper and rethink how I communicate my vision and product,” said Yoma Onosemuode, the founder of Travelbay.

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