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Kiyomisandz, Namibia-based Beauty Company Launches Skincare Products



Kiyomisandz, the lifestyle brand and skincare company that develops premium quality skincare products for men and women launched a new line, ‘Summer Rain Skin (SRSKIN)’.

Although the launch was held online, management is busy preparing to host an official event soon.

“We held a countdown and the response was amazing. We would however love to do a small launch event to celebrate our achievements and appreciate those who have supported us, once it is safe to do so during the Covid-19 pandemic,” marketing executive Hina Rijatua says.

Rijatua says the SRSKIN is a brand that aims to provide high-performance, result-oriented products, while educating the Namibian market on effective and safe skincare.

The line consists of a make-up remover, facial toners, facial cleansers, facial scrubs and face masques for dry/sensitive, oily/combination and normal skin types.

She says products from the line are for both men and women. “Anybody can buy SRSKIN. We realised the best way to approach skincare was not by gender or age group, but by individual skin type and particular skin issue,” Rijatua says.

According to Rijatua, since the start of Kiyomisandz, it has always been their plan to introduce skincare products, but the time was never right.

“It was the time that we did not have. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we were affected just like many other businesses, but also finally had the time to perfect all aspects of the brand and products before its launch. 

“More importantly, we wanted to create a brand and image for skincare that is relatable to everyone. If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it is that taking care of yourself is always going to be a priority,” she says.

During the pandemic they found new ways to stay effective and still sell to their clients.

“Yes, it has been tough at times this year mostly from the aftermath of going through the first lockdown. Importing raw materials became difficult, which affected our business process temporarily due to the pandemic, but on the one hand the pandemic worked in our favour.

“We had an online store, and this allowed our customers to continue enjoying their shopping experience without compromising their health. Negatively, people were prioritising spending money on essentials. Our brand was not essential, so we created a brand that was essential: hand sanitisers,” she added.  

Rijatua says in this industry it is very important to adapt to circumstances and survive during the various challenges. She advises other businesses to always notice the gap in the market.

“You must notice the need from your customer and establish how you can meet their needs. By not doing this over the years, we don’t think that we would have been this successful today,” she says.

Despite the heavy strain that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on the business, Rijatua says they are pleased to have seen key stakeholders and the government recognise the need to grow and support locally produced products.

“It is sad to witness the consequences of depending too much on importing essential finished products while we could invest and turn towards local businesses that already manufacture these goods.

“Our customers have been requesting for high-performance skincare products for years. We finally allocated a budget to develop it this year and we are happy to deliver these results to the Namibian consumer,” Rijatua says.

 The launch of the new line serves as an indication that Kiyomisandz is doing their part in building towards growing the  essential manufacturing industry in Namibia, she added.

To date Kiyomisandz has launched 99 products, including products such as ‘The original Kiyomisandz Summer Rain collection’ and the new ‘Discontinued Hand Sanitisers’.

“My team and I believe this will continue to prove our aim and missions we’ve set out since starting Kiyomisandz. That we are here to professionally and skilfully manufacture proudly Namibian cosmetic and personal care products that can compete with international brands on the retailers’ shelves and export to neighbouring countries and the rest of the world,” Rijatua says.


The SRSKIN Brand will be expanding soon, to have more products.

Kiyomisandz was formed in 2015 with the vision to help grow the Namibian and African cosmetic and toiletry manufacturing industry.

By Rinelda Mouton

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Press Release

Journey Wellness, an AI-Enabled, Personalised Healthcare Platform Launches in South Africa



Journey Wellness Co-Founders, Dr. Jacques Ludik and Lara Wayburne (Image: Nomsa Mdhluli)

Journey Wellness, an AI-Enabled, Personalised Healthcare Platform set to Revolutionize Wellness & Healthcare in South Africa. The Platform will transform business employee benefits and medical schemes’ approach to offering wellness for employees and medical aid members.

A revolutionary new approach to offering Ultra-Personalised, Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Healthcare from tech-trendsetting company Cortex Logic is set to transform the way medical aid schemes, consumers and corporates offering employee benefits as part of their EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes) view their current healthcare offering.

The Journey Wellness platform is perfectly timed to coincide with the current global shift in Healthcare, as the focus moves from a disease-management model to one that encourages optimum health and disease-avoidance, targeting younger as well as existing members with a holistic, pro-active offering.

Corporates and medical schemes are realising that they need to offer their employees and members wellness and EAP benefits that move beyond expensive, reactive, chemical care to cost-effective, proactive preventative primary care.

“Globally, an ever-increasing portion of healthcare spend and focus is shifting to promote wellness and wellbeing, rather than responding to illness,” says Lara Wayburne, a respected Healthcare Actuary consulting to Cortex Logic and part of the development team of the Journey Wellness Platform.

“Healthcare analysts predict that over the coming decade the focus on wellness and wellbeing can reduce overall healthcare costs by as much as 30%.”

“Journey Wellness enables that future by empowering and engaging consumers to better understand the drivers that impact their health and therefore be more actively involved in managing their own health. By doing so, the Journey Wellness ecosystem encourages positive health seeking behaviour, promoting better physical and mental health,” says Wayburne.

The driving force behind Journey Wellness, Dr Jacques Ludik, Founder and CEO of Cortex Logic, who has also recently written a book called ‘Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone’, says that the Journey Wellness platform will provide more healthcare, to more people, faster.

“Essentially, Journey is a cost-effective, pro-active, personalised and engaged AI health companion that will improve health outcomes for everyone involved – the medical scheme provider, employers, employees, healthcare providers and ultimately the end-user consumer who will benefit from personalised, proactive healthcare with the added benefits of cost savings all-round,” says Dr Ludik.

Journey Wellness offers a number of benefits for Medical Schemes, Corporates and End-Users:

Employer Groups and Medical Scheme providers will benefit from the cost savings inherent in moving from expensive, reactive, chemical care to cost-effective, proactive preventative primary care for their members and employees. This will result in increased productivity, increased employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and cost-savings to all involved.

Healthcare Providers will benefit from having a 360-degree view of their patients that will improve wellness proactively without costly chemical intervention, usually at the reactive stage and will also empower patients with continuous self-care.

And, Consumers will benefit from a Holistic Wellness Solution and the reduced need for expensive healthcare options, improved wellbeing, rewards for engagement and ultimately having a personalised wellness coach on hand at all times to help them understand their health status and associated risks and better manage their health and improve quality of life.

“Overall, it’s a win-win scenario in which technology, data and analytics foster a collaborative and progressive healthcare environment, creating an ecosystem for improved wellbeing one step at a time that benefits everyone,” says Wayburne.

Journey Wellness has also made an exciting announcement around making the Platform’s Mental Health Module available for free to users from 1 September 2021.

“We realise that the current state of affairs globally, and in South Africa in particular, with pandemic lockdowns and economic uncertainty foremost on our minds, places an enormous amount of pressure on people. So, we’re offering free access to our Mental Health Module to users, where they can access an AI-enabled mental health companion 24/7,” says Dr Ludik.

The Journey Wellness Demo Platform for Corporate Employers and Medical Schemes is available at, and for Consumers, the User App is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices at Google Play and App Store. Medical schemes and Employers looking to offer Journey Wellness to their members can interact directly with Journey Wellness by requesting a demo via the website.



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Chaka secures $1.5M pre-seed round to power digital investments and wealth management opportunities across Africa



Chaka CEO, Tosin Osibodu at a press briefing (Image & Press Release: Chaka)

Chaka is thrilled to announce its $1.5M pre-seed funding round led by Breyer Capital, a global venture firm focused on catalyzing growth in high-impact companies like Spotify, Facebook, and now, Chaka. Other participants in the round are 4DX Ventures, Golden Palm Investments, Future Africa, Seedstars, and Musha Ventures.

Chaka is a technology solutions company on a mission to enable every business and person in Africa to access borderless digital investment and wealth management opportunities. The team combines investment expertise and best-in-class technology to provide reliable digital Investing, trading and wealth management solutions that are easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate.

Their mission is to enable digital border-less investing for African businesses and individuals. They’re powering the digital investment landscape in Africa through partnerships with asset managers, financial technology firms, and regulators with whom we have a shared mission. We achieve this by providing trading solutions that are easy to use and easy to integrate.

With this capital, they will focus on the goals to build a roster of formidable partners and accelerate expansion to other markets within West Africa. This investment also enables them to hire top talent and integrate more advanced functionalities into our investment and wealth management solutions.

Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, shared his view on this investment and it illustrates their shared vision: “We are proud to align ourselves with a company that is leveling the investment playing field for Nigerians (and Africans at large). We’re confident in the value Chaka provides through its digital tools, and we look forward to playing our part in supporting Tosin, Bo, Olaolu, and the Chaka team.”

This is a significant milestone for Chaka and could not have come this far without their users, partners, early investors, and a talented, achieving team of Champions.

They see digital investments as a means to boost economic transformation in Africa, and we’re very keen to bring this vision to life.



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Emmanuel Penneh set to lead the Ghanaian team that will re-assemble the first Nissan Navara made in Ghana



Emmanuel Penneh (Image: Lusawovana Pius- edelman) 

Emmanuel Penneh arrived back in Accra this week, ready to start the next phase of a journey that’s taken three years so far and still has an intensive eight months to run. On Thursday 3 June 2021, the married 44-year-old father of three graduated with his team of 11 Ghanaians from an intense eight-week course at Nissan South Africa’s Rosslyn manufacturing plant outside Pretoria. That was just the first step for them. Now the hard work begins, getting Ghana’s brand-new Nissan assembly plant in Tema, outside Accra, ready to begin re-assembling the first ever Nissan Navaras to be built in Africa early in the New Year.

The graduation is a critical milestone in a process that began back in 2018 with the signing of the landmark Memorandum of Understanding between Nissan and the Government of Ghana, followed by the drafting and promulgation of Ghana’s automotive development policy the following year and then the appointment of Japan Motors Trading Company (JMTC), as Nissan’s preferred partner last year to ensure that the new facility will be 100% Ghana owned and run.

Penneh is up for the challenge. Speaking at the special graduation ceremony held at the Rosslyn, SKD plant, he said he and his team were proud and honoured, excited and delighted. “This is a historic evolution for Nissan Ghana, Nissan South Africa and Nissan worldwide. This is the plant where the Nissan Navara is being made for the first time in Africa, by Africans for Africa, now we are going home to re-assemble the first Navara made in Ghana for Ghana by Ghanaians!”

Penneh will be the plant manager. It’s a feather in the cap for the 10-year JMTC veteran. Before being approached to lead the team, Penneh was service co-ordinator for the group’s aftersales operations, overseeing five workshops across Ghana. He’s been in the automotive industry for 14 years, with four years at Man Truck Ghana before he joined JMTC.

“It’s exciting,” he says, “it gives a new dimension to my career. After concentrating on the after sales aspect, I’m now coming into the industry that actually builds the vehicles.”

The eight-week training that the team underwent in South Africa had been gruelling, he said, they had no idea what to expect. “It was challenging coming fresh into this industry and discovering so many processes and rules and mastering them, but it’s been exciting.”

He’s exceptionally proud of the team he led to South Africa and the way they’ve conducted themselves. “This (the creation of a Nissan assembly plant in Ghana) is going to be a game changer for ourselves, but also for our country, creating jobs, upskilling people and creating opportunities for local brand ownership.”



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